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Stages of Recovery at Our Facilities

The war against drug addiction is constant, and Darby Recovery wants you and your loved ones to know that our drug rehab center in Green Bay, Wisconsin is designed to help you overcome this. More than 23 million people have fallen victim to the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic. You are not alone in your struggle, and no one who works inside of our facilities will ever judge you. Our addiction recovery plan is professional, effective and designed to enrich your life and restore your serenity. Our program has several stages, they are as follows:

Intake at Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

The first step that you take before you start your journey is getting to know our Green Bay drug rehab facility. You can call us and come into the addiction recovery center for a walk-through so you can see what the environment is like. You'll have the opportunity to meet our friendly staff and gauge the cleanliness of the place that you or your loved one will be. If everything meets your expectations, you can check in at any time you like. We have a few options for you for care.

Drug Detox Clinic

The first step toward getting your mind, body and spirit back together is the going through detoxification. Detoxification is a process during which your body purges the impurities that are inside you. Detox in our addiction recovery center can take several days or weeks depending on the amount of time you used the substance and the type of drug you used. Our addiction recovery facility in Green Bay has staff members who will support you during this sensitive time and try to help make it as comfortable as possible for you. Once you get done with the detoxification process, you can move on to the next phase of recovery.

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy and counseling are parts of the second stage after you detox from the harsh chemicals. You will go through a variety of treatment types such as individualized therapy and group therapy. Individualized therapy will allow you to have isolated attention from someone who can delve deep and try to help you find the cause of the addiction. This professional can also help you recognize whether you need dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment is an action plan that tends to addiction and mental illness at the same time. Sometimes, certain conditions cause a sensitivity to drugs. The amazing staff members at our addiction treatment center in Green Bay can help you face your mental health so that you can address it. Dual diagnosis treatment can be effective in preventing relapses.

Group counseling is another option at the Green Bay addiction treatment center. Group counseling allows you to spend time with a group of your peers who can support you because of their experiences and strengths. You will get to talk to them during sessions at the addiction recovery program about their journeys and struggles. Many people find lifetime friends inside group counseling sessions.

Strategies and Ongoing Services

Specialists at the Darby Recovery facility are constantly contributing their time, care and support to help you create new strategies for your well being. Once you find a treatment plan that works, they will continue to assist you.

Aftercare and Support

Care doesn't stop because you leave the Green Bay addiction treatment facility. One of the things we pride ourselves on outside of our professionalism and cleanliness is the fact that we provide a number of aftercare services. We believe that the time you spend after you receive treatment is even more important than the time you spend inside of the facility. We want to help you build the strength to make your recovery everlasting.

Let Us Care for You

If you are ready to take the first step toward freedom from addiction, contact our drug rehab facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin and schedule that first meeting at Darby Recovery. You will be glad that you took the time to contact us because we know the experience will warm your heart. It is possible to recover from addiction, but you must trust someone to help.

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