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After a considerable battle with addiction, the path to sobriety is difficult and gradual. The client is required to exhibit dedication and commitment to the rehabilitation program. However, the outcome of the transformation after addiction recovery is invaluable. The first step towards full recovery is by looking for reliable a drug rehab center. Darby Recovery is dedicated to offering clients excellent care services for quick recovery.

Is Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Important for Recovery?

Addiction is strongly linked to mental illnesses, and it is common for clients suffering from addiction to have a co-occurring psychological disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Vienna, Virginia provides dual diagnosis for the most effective rehabilitation outcome.

Self-medication is one of the reasons clients go back to drugs. Often, getting high alleviates mental stress for only a short time, beyond which the urge heightens it again. Therefore, what ensues when the client decides to visit a drug rehab facility? Having come to the conclusion that self-medication is one of the reasons for addiction, rarely can full recovery be achieved without treating both the addiction and the mental disorder. Our addiction recovery center in Vienna understands the importance of addressing the cause of emotional imbalance, so clients obtain insights on the connection between the substance abuse and mental illness for quick, complete recovery.

Speak Up!

At Darby Recovery, client safety is highly upheld, and our addiction recovery facility in Vienna encourages clients assume an active role in observing their safety, by offering them insights regarding their health conditions. Being a client, your full commitment and involvement in the rehab program is a rewarding means of maintaining safety in your surroundings.

Through our programs, both the client and their family are offered critical information on safety, health techniques, and the importance of speaking freely to the health care personnel in our Vienna addiction treatment center.

Benefits of Talking Openly

There is a lot of emphases put on the importance of speaking up freely and transparently when discussions about the client's health condition, and at Darby Recovery, we highly encourage clients to discuss their health matters explicitly. During rehab, withdrawal symptoms and the need to use a drug are signs of addiction. If the client is struggling to resist the urge to use drugs, it is fundamental to speak out to one of the clients, so necessary treatment is administered.

Our professionals make up a multi-disciplinary team. With the eradication of stigmatization, they lend a listening ear to clients' inquisitions, commentary and treatment concerns that may arise, after which they can determine the best addiction recovery program that is highly effective.

The Addiction Rehabilitation Program

Depending on the sort of addiction that the client suffers from, the rehabilitation process and treatment approach will vary widely from one client to the other. Nonetheless, like any other drug detox clinic, our program embodies preliminary intakes, detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery phases. The intake phase is crucial, for it is at that stage that one gauges the suitability of the rehab facility to their needs. It is also at that point when clients ask any questions regarding the center.

Receive Personalized Treatment Plans

Addiction and mental disorders, being connected biologically, psychologically and experientially, the outward manifestation of symptoms can vary among clients. We approach each case with an open-mindedness. Additionally, our Vienna addiction recovery program in Vienna can be tailored to suit any unique healthcare needs. Our approach is a mix of personalized rehab plans, efficient communication channels, and interventional programs, for the client with additional special needs, and it is the motivation behind our specialized examinations and treatment programs.

The Role of Support Groups

As part of an ongoing recovery process, our clients work hand in hand with the entire fraternity at the addiction treatment facility in Vienna, Virginia for effective recovery programs. Here at Darby Recovery, the members comprise a support group to discuss personal topics and other experiences for emotional solace and moral support. Professional advice is offered to help clients push through to complete recovery. You don’t have to do this alone. Call us today.

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