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Battling addiction can seem like a never ending struggle, and the negative effects of lengthy bouts of addiction can have dire consequences, both for addicts and their families. The best hope for living a substance-free life is committing to a Darby Recovery addiction program dedicated to treating individuals with individualized care in a supportive environment. Our drug rehab center in Spartanburg, South Carolina pairs group therapy sessions with personalized individual therapy and a focus on dual diagnosis. At our addiction recovery center in Spartanburg, caring and skilled staff members are dedicated to developing unique treatment plans to maximize every individual's chance at a successful recovery.

Our clients are often concerned about the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal that are present during the detoxification process. At our drug detox clinic in Spartanburg, clients undergo monitored detoxification, supervised by staff to increase their chances at a safe and successful start to cessation from drugs and alcohol. Long-term addiction can cause many individuals' bodies to physically depend on their controlled substance of choice, and as a result, withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, stomach pain, and irritability are common. Undergoing detox in a safe and supportive environment, like that our Spartanburg addiction recovery facility will benefit individuals in a number of ways. First, the support system can help give clients the determination to stay the course and work towards lifelong recovery. Second, trained staff are present to monitor individuals in case serious side effects result from the detoxification process.

Throughout the addiction recovery process, clients at our addiction treatment center in Spartanburg undergo individual therapy to help uncover possible triggers that cause them to turn to controlled substances. Identifying triggers can help clients understand their cravings and find productive alternatives to using drugs or alcohol. During individual therapy, dual diagnosis is common for many clients, meaning that in addition to suffering from addiction they also suffer from some type of behavioral disorder or mental illness. It is important to identify this because often untreated mental illness can cause individuals to turn to controlled substances as a means of self-medication. Treating the mental or behavioral disorder can help reduce the need to abuse controlled substances. Sometimes, long-term drug and alcohol users develop mental and behavioral disorders as a result of addiction, and it is important to treat both the addiction as well as the mental illness.

At our Spartanburg substance abuse treatment facility, all individuals undergo group therapy sessions in addition to individual therapy. Our staff is committed to fostering supportive communities for our clients to help encourage our clients share during these sessions. Group therapy provides a safe way for clients to connect with others who are undergoing similar struggles, and it is also a time for clients to be accountable to each other for their actions during the process.

A Darby Recovery drug rehab facility can help kick-start the process of recovery, but it can only take individuals so far in this lifelong recovery. For a lifetime of success, aftercare treatment is essential. We work hard to find our client's aftercare options once they leave our facility and return to their everyday lives. Sober living housing is typically recommended directly after completing an addiction recovery program because it reinforces routines developed at the addiction treatment facility. These facilities also provide an in-house support system, an important part of maintaining a drug-free life. Continuing individual therapy is also crucial, especially for individuals with a dual diagnosis, because new stress upon returning to everyday life may create new triggers. Seeking out weekly or monthly support groups is also helpful to ensure that individuals maintain a network of support.

Addiction recovery doesn't happen overnight; it is a lifelong process that takes hard work and determination. Our addiction recovery center in Spartanburg exists to help individuals take the first -- and often most difficult -- step towards recovery while providing them with the ability to implement long-term change. Call Darby Recovery today to set up a consultation at our drug rehab clinic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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