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At our Newberg, Oregon substance abuse treatment center, we know what it takes to successfully guide a client to recovery. Thanks to our extensive experience, and our vast knowledge of the field of addiction recovery, we are able to provide our clients with the support they need to successfully overcome addiction. When you take part in our addiction recovery program, you’ll be given the wisdom and guidance you need to achieve your goals. At our drug rehab facility, we understand what it takes to ensure that our clients are given every possible advantage in achieving their goals for recovery.

For clients at our addiction recovery treatment facility, the journey to recovery begins during a comprehensive intake interview. During this interview, you’ll be asked a number of questions regarding any history of substance abuse your or your family might have. You’ll be asked questions about your substance of choice, how you came to first stand abusing the substance, and what your usage habits may have been. It is of paramount importance that you are honest through the process of recovery. It is essential not only to be honest with yourself, but also that you are honest with the staff member conducting the interview.

You may be tempted to inquire why you are being asked these questions during your intake interview. Rest assured, every piece of information we gather will prove essential to your addiction recovery treatment. The data we gather while you take part in your intake interview will be used to craft your own customized recovery plan. Every individual is unique, and as a direct result, the treatment that will best serve their needs will be singular, as well. Because we want all of our clients to succeed, we provide each of them with personalized plans for addiction recovery.

For those who are in need of it, our Newberg, Oregon drug rehab clinic provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about forty percent of those United States citizens who are struggling with addiction are also contending with a co-occurring mental health disorder. This means that nearly half of those individuals who are dealing with addiction must also deal with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Making matters more complicated is the fact that many of these clients do not recognize that they are struggling with the disorder!

When a client is dealing with both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, dual diagnosis mental health treatment can prove to be an essential component for treatment. If a client is dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder but only ever receives treatment for the addiction, when they leave the drug rehab clinic, they may be at risk of returning to substance abuse. This is because the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder can persist if it has not been properly treated. As a result, the client may return to substance abuse in an effort to mitigate the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder. Dual diagnosis ensures both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder can be treated while in the drug rehab clinic.

You won’t have to wonder whether or not we’ll continue to support you as you continue your journey to recovery. At our Newberg, Oregon addiction recovery center, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to defeat addiction once and for all. Get in touch with one of our addiction recovery specialists and we can provide you with any additional information that you might require. Don’t continue to struggle with addiction -- do something about it! Come take part in our addiction recovery treatment program.

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