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Recovering from drug abuse starts when an individual acknowledges that they are addicted to drugs. Most drug rehab centers try to build a foundation for their clients to ensure long lasting addiction recovery. Realizing that an individual needs help is considered the first step in making lifestyle changes. Call Darby Recovery today and we will begin this process by setting up an appointment at our drug rehab center in Muskogee, Oklahoma.


Services offered in our Muskogee substance treatment facility.


Darby Recovery facilities not only provide 24/7 care but ensure that their services are sustainable for great healing results.



The addiction treatment care is mostly provided in a well-structured environment that starts with detoxification and withdraw before any other forms of treatment are administered in an addiction recovery center. A well-supervised withdrawal process has many advantages as discussed below.


Benefits of supervised detoxification


  • Quality expert support


A reputable drug detox clinic has experienced and competent professionals who will continuously monitor the withdrawal process of any person to ensure that the client is safe. They are also available in case any emergency issues arise during the detox.


  • Supportive, clean and safe environment


A supervised detox is very crucial for many people. Our Muskogee drug rehab facility offers not only detox, but ensures that the clients are in a safe environment during the whole process in the substance abuse treatment facility.


  • Quality expert symptom relief


The professionals are well trained to treat the various withdraw symptoms that may arise on any client. They also assist the client in being comfortable during the detox process in an addiction recovery facility.


Dual diagnosis treatment

People addicted to drugs often concurrently suffer from some level of mental illness. These illnesses may include PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and anxiety disorders. Visiting an addiction treatment facility that addresses both mental and addiction issues is very helpful.


Our addiction treatment center in Muskogee will provide you with the best dual diagnosis treatment to treat the prevailing co-occurring condition.


Strategies used in dual diagnosis treatment


  • One-on-one sessions


Individual counseling is among the top strategies used in dual diagnosis treatment used by Darby Recovery drug rehab centers. The counseling is done by a psychologist, psychiatrist or a proficient addiction expert.


  • Group therapy


Most social mutual groups are elementary in solving addiction problems among many people. A combination of addiction and mental illness can cause exacerbate signs of depressions in an individual. Getting involved in an extended support group could assist in enhancing sense of worth as well as restoring faith in themselves.


  • Social services


For individuals struggling with mental and addiction problems, getting some necessary skills could be challenging. Some services such as relationship counseling, nutritional guidance, and vocational training are now being implemented to bring a significant difference in the human life.


The importance of dual diagnosis treatment


Some of the various advantages of dual diagnosis treatment include the following:


The treatment is used in determining the actual cause of a particular condition in the human body. The treatment procedures used in this kind of therapy help in defining the substance of abuse as well as the emotional suffering in any client.


Participating in a wide range of evidence-based therapies is another advantage to most practitioners. That would help experts in meeting the unique needs of different clients visiting their facility.


The treatment also helps to get a deeper insight on the relationship between the mental condition and the substance abuse. In that way, the experts will know the prevailing obstacles towards the right healing.


You don’t have to do this alone. Call Darby Recovery to set up a consultation at our addiction recovery center in Muskogee, Oklahoma. You won’t regret it.

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